Frases de Desamor en Inglés

El inglés ha sido una lengua ujtilizada en la literatura por los mejores escritores del mundo, por eso podemos utilizarla también para explicar y detallar nuestro desamor.



"Although far from me you can never get out of all of my heart, occupy too much space in it so that your wake does not have an eternal effect."

"The memory of love lost again today to remind me what color were your kisses and what did the dreams we shared. Dance of my senses, still remember you. "

"We got too fast to that carousel of shared emotions like crazy and I stayed on while you would jump into the abyss, leaving me alone, shooting without stopping

"Although our love is impossible, if we know that lives in each'd fall in love again."

"Do not love me, but I do not ask me not to, even a masochistic heart, he can not beat not go on loving."

"I wish someone invented the formula of forgetting to wipe the memory and so, once again, fall in love again."

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