Frases de Tristeza en Inglés

El inglés siempre ha llamado su atención por su simpleza a la vez que hermosura, nada mejor para sorprender a las personas de las que quieras llamar la atención.



“It's not fair, love you both so that instead of being a beautiful memory left me just a pain that suffocates and press in the heart.“

“Do not say you're going when you belong to my heart. Do not say forget, when you live in my mind. Do not say that I want, when I hold with your arms in a dream.“

“Discover that the person you love has decided to do as you did not exist is a good way to kill without trace hearts.“

“Let me mourn to be empty of tears, let my love for you to go away and stop being sad and painful, just so I will be able to try to forget.“

“There is only one solution to the sad love: take a rubber band, remove it from your life, take a pencil and write a new love story.“

“Do not leave me this way, naked, without a soul, give me the love I gave you, something that can be re-dressed and again someone with sleep and dreams”

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